So what type of a Democrat am I?

21 Jun

Many say the Democratic Party is a, “big tent”. But how big is this tent? I would say there are three types of Democrats: Progressive Democrats, Moderate/Neo-Liberal Democrats, and Blue Dog/Conservative Democrats. I place myself in the first group. Progressives make up most of the Democratic Party, but not necessarily a majority. Progressives are socially libertarian, and support government intervention in certain parts of the economy. Moderates agree most of the time with progressives, but will show differences depending in which parts of the country they live in. For example, moderates on the East Coast will differ from progressives on mostly fiscal issues like the deficit, while moderates in the South and Northwest will differ on social issues such as abortion, stem-cell research, and gay rights.

The Blue Dogs are a whole different story. Think about it this way: about half of them should be Republicans. Most of the current blue-dog coalition came in 2006 under Rahm Emanuel and Howard Dean’s “50 State Strategy”. Most of them come from states that will typically go Republican in a Presidential election. There is (in my opinion it is now ‘was’) one issue that separates them from the GOP. The Iraq War. As Americans were frustrated with Republicans in Washington in 2006, the DNC ran conservative Democrats in conservative districts who were against the war. It was the smart thing to do. We took back the House of Representatives. Now while in opposition, the Blue Dogs typically voted with the progressives and moderates. However, when the party reclaimed the White House, they went rogue. At first it was not such a big rebellion. Only 11 members voted against the stimulus, and even fewer voted against the omnibus spending bill. However it got worse. Nearly the entire caucus voted against the Health Care Reform Bill, Cap and Trade Bill, Jobs Bill, Financial Reform Bill, and the Repeal of ‘Don’t ask Don’t Tell” bill. However, I do believe they have a place in the party, besides for a few, which I will get into a different post.

So what type of Democrat am I? I am one who accepts the party he belongs to is a centrist one, and not a leftist one, or even a liberal one. However, I and most progressives will work hard to make sure we keep reelecting the 115 some odd members of the House Progressive Caucus.


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