On the UK Budget

22 Jun

As a casual follower of UK politics, and supporter of the opposition Labour Party, it came as a shock to me that die-hard Labour supporters are becoming like the Republicans: oppose for no other reason other than for the sake of opposition. Sure there are bad parts to this budget. While Labour should vote against this budget out of principle, this is not the end of the world by any means. Some pros of this budget include the elimination of tax for 850,000 of the poorest of the poor, and a stronger pound. Cons include the raising of the VAT, similar to the sales tax in some states in the US.

The way some have reacted is beyond me. Of course cutting spending during a recovery is never a good thing, but this budget is not the end of the world. As a Democrat, I know what compromise is, and I never liked it. However, I accepted it.

To die-hard Labour supporters: Elections have consequences. Be thankful it was only a centrist-liberal consequence.

UPDATE: After hours of fighting with Labour supporters on Twitter, I felt I needed to make an extension and to reiterate what I said before. I do not support this budget. However, it is nothing to moan over. But for those Labour MP’s who are moaning, where were you during the budget process? Why didn’t YOU offer any solutions that could be helpful. Of course in a parliamentary government there isn’t really any bipartisanship, but the Tories were already compromising their hard line. It does not hurt to offer them. If the Tories refuse to hear you out, then shame on them. But for now, shame on you.


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