There is a point when defense becomes idiocy

4 Jul

Let me start off. I am not writing this post to say Israel did something morally wrong, because nobody knows, and let’s face it, it does not matter. Let me make this clear:  Anyone who thinks the state of the Gaza blockade before two weeks ago was legal or acceptable under international law (even after the easing of some restrictions, it still violates Section III of the Fourth Geneva Convention) is either ignorant, insane, or has a metaphysical connection to the State of Israel. I will now discuss the last point.

I would define “metaphysical connection” as someone who is defending the State of Israel purely because he feels he has a religious responsibility or connection to it. It may even be secular reasons, but you get my point. Basically an irrational defense backed up by no quotations of International Law, or even baseless contempt for it (including frivolous and hurtful accusations of anti-Semetism towards the UN and the UN Human Rights Council.). I respectfully ask these people to close the browser, and not read further. In fact, never come back. Your opinion is not wanted. There is no use debating someone with a mind that is made up.

I don’t hate Israel. I may condemn and criticize them often for their actions, but I don’t hate them, but I do hate (in a constructive way) the irrational defenders.


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